My Favorite Breakfast Wrap Recipe using Over Easy or Sunny Side Up Eggs

(I am a compensated Great Day Farms ambassador.) One morning, I found myself wandering down the streets in NC half-starving. I can’t recall where I was going so early in the morning, but it was shortly after I had dropped the kids to school, and it wasn’t until I passed a Sonic restaurant that I noticed my […]

Sausage Egg and Cheese Crescents

(I am a compensated Great Day Farms ambassador.) Easy breakfasts that can be made in bulk make me insanely happy. Do you know how easy it is to bulk cook breakfasts once a week for your family, store the remainder in the fridge and freezer, and know your kids can eat healthy, nutritious meals all […]

Easy Sausage Egg Cheese Biscuit Sandwich

(I am a compensated Great Day Farms ambassador.) My son had a sleepover the other night. I always love making big breakfasts when the kids have sleepovers, but it wasn’t until I reached into our deep freezer did I realize.. no hash browns, no bacon (the bulk box was in there, just empty), and no […]

Sausage Cheese Biscuits Heart-Shaped

(I am a compensated Great Day Farms ambassador.) We have a home and garden store nearby our house that’s relocating to a new building further away (boo!) so they marked their entire store down 30% or more (yay!). I came across this adorable mini heart-shaped cake pop pan and I simply HAD TO HAVE IT […]

Slow Cooker Meatloaf Recipe

I’ve been quite obsessed with my Meat Monster meatloaf recipe for years, now. But we’re doing a lot more with our slow cooker nowadays, and I wondered if I could make this in my Ninja? And so, I did. And it was awesome and delicious and practically falling apart and OhMyFreakingGaw I want to eat it all […]

The BEST Homemade Chili Recipe

When we first started preparing chili for our family, we didn’t know what we were doing. Our point of reference was other folks’ that we’d tried, or what came out of a can. When we first starting making it, we would use the chili recipe on the back of a package of seasoning, or from […]

Slow Cooker Overnight Breakfast Casserole

What a fantastic way to wake up – to the sweet, scrumptious smell of breakfast already ready for you. There’s nothing more fantastic to walking into a kitchen with breakfast already prepared, ready to serve, piping hot, and eager to be devoured. It makes me Carlton Dance kind-of happy. What if I told you that […]

Make Ahead Breakfast Wraps in Bulk

Have you ever had one of those Sonic breakfast burrito wraps before? The ones with diced jalapeno, potato, and minced sausage? I enjoyed the flavors it offered, but not the price tag for convenience, especially since I know I can make that myself, and make it healthier. Being the budgeter that I am, I’d rather […]

Sausage Pancake Sandwiches – Quick and Easy Breakfast

I have a new obsession – my sandwich maker. I’m constantly cranking out new ways to create old favorites. “Want a turkey sandwich, kids? How about a hot one, pressed into a pocket?” It’s a sickness, I tell ya. But (!!!) because it’s so fun, I’ve created a way to stockpile new things for breakfast […]

Breakfast Pie – Quick and Easy Breakfast

Mornings totally suck sometimes. And when you have six kids (four of which in school), when alarms don’t go off, or kids are extra cranky, things aren’t going smoothly, and time is not on your side, breakfast has to be as fast as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes that means compromising having a good breakfast for convenience. […]