Waffle French Toast #EggoWaffleOff

by Lisa Douglas

Want an extraordinary breakfast idea? Try preparing waffle french toast! Check out Lisa’s recipe for this one-of-a-kind breakfast for someone special!

Easy Waffle French Toast Recipe

Breakfast for dinner is one of my favoritest, favoritest meals. We get to go “all out” on our breakfast preparations, making everything under the sun with plenty of leftovers for breakfasts in the future. Hooray! It makes me happy. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and morphing it into one of the other meals? Magic. Especially when you do something so unexpected, like these Waffle French Toasts. OH YES I DID! Pair these with your favorite breakfast foods, and you’ve got something special alright.

Waffle French Toast

Waffle French Toast Recipe

To start, place your Eggo® waffles into the toaster to get nice and crisp to help withstand the french toast mixture. Don’t let them get TOO crisp or brown, though.

waffles in toasterWhisk your egg, milk, cinnamon, flour (and vanilla extract if you’d like to add it) into a bowl nearby, and get it nice and whisked and frothy and ready to go.

egg milk mixture

Lay your waffle into the mixture, turn it onto both sides, getting it nice and soaked, and then lay it into a hot pan sprayed and buttered.

waffle french toast poured into pan

After about a minute, you’ll flip it over and admire the gorgeous color and waffle texture to the french toast. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

waffle french toast in the pan

Once browned, crisp, and cooked through on both sides, transfer them to a plate, and stare lovingly at it for a few seconds while it cools. Because this, friends, is magical.

waffle french toast on a plate

And to add to the magic, sprinkle some powdered sugar right on top. Go ahead, make your children’s day.

waffle french toast with powdered sugar

Drizzle onto it some honey or syrup (both are outrageously good with this) and serve, and expect to hear grumbles of goodness from your family, praising you for your awesomeness and wanting more.

Waffle French Toast

Please note: This recipe is for only two waffles, so you can easily double to create however many servings you need. I don’t normally do my recipes this way, but the two-waffle/one-egg combo per person just seemed too easy to ignore.

waffle french toast with powdered sugar

Waffle French Toast

Want an extraordinary breakfast idea? Try preparing waffle french toast! Check out Lisa’s recipe for this one-of-a-kind breakfast for someone special!
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  • Toast your waffles lightly in the toaster – just enough to make them crisp but not brown.
  • Whisk your egg well, then add the milk, flour, cinnamon, and vanilla (if desired); beat together until frothy and well combined.
  • Lay your waffle into the egg/milk mixture, let it sit for about 20 seconds; flip to other side, let sit.
  • Spray your pan with cooking spray and add a pat of butter.
  • Flip your waffle one more time in the egg/milk mixture, and be sure to have plenty of the mixture in each of the squares.
  • Gently lay the waffle into the melted butter in the pan.
  • Place the other waffle in the egg/milk mixture while the first one cooks.
  • After about a minute, flip the waffle over in the pan, ensuring it’s crisp and done enough (no ooey gooey parts left).
  • Flip your second waffle in the egg/milk mixture while the first waffle cooks on its second side.
  • Once you’re satisifed the waffle in the pan has been browned enough and cooked completely, place it on a nearby plate.
  • Place another pat of butter in the pan to melt; flip your second waffle in the egg/milk mixture one more time, making sure you get as much in the squares as possible.
  • Lay the second waffle in the melted butter gently, emptying the egg/milk mixture onto the top of the waffle, scraping the bowl.
  • Continue to cook this second waffle like you did the first, waiting until cooked thoroughly on each side before removing.
  • Serve warm on a plate with some sprinkled powdered sugar on top and some syrup or honey drizzled over top.


I created this recipe to make it easily double-able. For 1 person you'll need 2 waffles and 1 egg, along with the remainder of the ingredients. This ratio makes it easy to double so you can easily make these to order per person.
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Look at this! Couldn’t you just devour it?

waffle french toast cut open

My Baby Dude did. He couldn’t STOP eating it!

eating waffle french toast

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How to Make Waffle French Toast

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