Team Mom Duties Made Easy with VolunteerSpot #SignUpSpot

This is a sponsored post for VolunteerSpot for the #SignUpSpot campaign with Acorn Influence.  My husband’s been a soccer coach for almost ten years now. Most of those years I’ve been his “Team Mom.” I was usually the one making the phone calls or sending emails if practice had to be canceled (since he was […]

How to Repurpose Easter Baskets

Baskets in all shapes and sizes make me happy. To me, there is no better medium with which to organize than using baskets. They’re so pretty, functional, versatile, and sturdy. Each year on Easter, we crack open the stored box of my children’s baskets, dust them off, prettify them while packing them with goodies to […]

Walk-in Pantry Organization and Laundry Room Reorganization

As I mentioned in my Pumpkin Beer Bread post, I was a busy bee on Sunday. I took advantage of the most excellent extra day off and took apart my pantry, laundry room, and kitchen drawers to reorganize. I may or may not have DESTROYED everything before I built it back up. My husband hates […]

My Trick to Ending Backpack Clutter

After getting SO TIRED of seeing my kids’ backpacks and stuff sprawled all over my front entry way area, like this: I tried using a storage ottoman at the front. While it hid the kids’ backpacks nicely, it took up way too much room, as it was too wide and stuck out pretty far from […]

Before and After Living Room and Entry

Ooh, I’m a bad, baaaaad blogger. My husband and I realized the other day we never updated you on what we did with our living room/great room area. Remember when Baby V was only two weeks old and in my looney-tunes state I broke out the paint brushes and paint and we tore up the […]

Operation GMST (Get My Sh*t Together) – January update & February Challenge

At the beginning of this year, I was determined. Operation GMST was officially afoot. I created our family’s “bucket” or “life list,” and began the #happinessis weekly feature, focusing on all the happiness in our lives each week (which I love so sooo very much). This year is going to be the year of getting […]

Wall Mounted TV and Upcoming Playroom Makeover #TVSafety

Once upon a time, I owned one of those RCA huge box TV thingamabobs that weighed as heavy as a Mack truck. Before flat screen TVs, that was all their was, and I was always fearful it would fall and hurt one of my children. We kept it as low as possible, on a TV […]

Putting the Labor in Labor Day

For Labor Day, most folks had a barbecue, swam at the beach or at their local pool to celebrate the last moments of “summer.” The Douglas Family, however, said SCREW ALL THAT NORMAL CRAP and said siyonara to summer by cleanin’ out the ol’ garage. Who needed to swim when we were in puddles of […]

Printable Weekly Lunch Menu and Back-to-School Recipe Ideas

We are taking school lunches very seriously this year, and taking the banal school lunch ‘bull by the horns’ and wrestling ‘er to the ground. My goal this year is to never hear the words, “Lunch is boring, mom” without spending a fortune. In order to help make that happen, I decided we needed to, […]

Big Families: How Do You Do It? [Cleaning]

“How do you do it?” Series hosted by Lolli from Better in Bulk, Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parenting, Christine from From Dates to Diapers, Kadi from Our Seven Seeds, and Kate from The Guavalicious Life. Join us each week for more tips from moms of big families!In our family, we have seven kids, and […]

Pinterest Finds – Things I Want to Try This Week

I am a huge Pinterest addict! There is something so fascinating about being able to see what a post’s about before you click on it, isn’t there? Visually appealing photography of a subject, or something of great interest that draws you in, wanting to know more. I almost always have eleventy-billion tabs open just to […]

Back to It! Menu Planning Monday Jan. 30th – Feb. 5th

Fall might be over, but I’m craving pumpkin this week. We grocery shop twice a week around here. Now that we have more grocery stores than we know what to do with, we are able to split our shopping up and go to different stores to save the most amount of money. Thankfully, these stores […]

Walk-in Pantry Makeover

When we began unpacking boxes for our new, walk-in pantry, everything just got shoved everywhere, and it was never fixed. “Where should we put this?”“Eh, right here’s fine.” And it stayed there, of course, making it near-impossible to put groceries away when it came time to. And the floor started seeing a lot of things […]

Office Live Workspace Freakin’ Rocks!

You already know how big of a list-maker I am. There’s something rewarding for me about creating, and checking-off, a to-do list. I love finding new ways to create them, easy ways to keep track of them. I mean, that’s how my To Do Tuesday began in the first place, y’know? But I’ve always had […]


I’ve been cleaning out my house for, oh, EVER now. How many times have I declared we were having a yard sale? {cough} Um, yeah… I *really am* going to have one. Probably not until next spring, now that we’re hip deep in flag football and our Saturdays are spoken for until Christmas. (I kid […]

To Do Tuesday Week 36 – Holiday Checklist!

If this is your first time reading and you’re wondering what To-Do Tuesday is all about, click to check out the first post to find out more. I forewarned promised you last week we’d be talkin’ the big “C” word, didn’t I? 😉 This week I’m gonna talk about beginning to plan for Christmas/Holidays and […]

Organizing Your Bills

I’m a container queen, I’ll admit it. I’m hopelessly addicted to containers of all kinds to store things in (I will divulge the depths of my addictions to you someday, I promise). One place I needed help with it, though, is regarding bills. A container didn’t seem to help me, there, as it was all […]

Menu Plan Monday

Is it just me or are these weeks flying by?? It’s MARCH already!?! How’d that happen? Wasn’t Christmas just yesterday? This week was yet another crazy week, where we had lots of soccer happen and other such happenings pop up, which pushed meals off a bit. Or I ran out of flour, which prevented some […]

Organizing Children’s Clothes

My oldest’s clothes are all in her room as we speak, since she’s first in line in the ‘mom’s-going-through-and-taking-out-clothes-that-don’t-fit’ mode for spring cleaning. Yes, I start early, cuz I have six kids. I have to. She has two closets that are packed. Yup, packed. And two totes and a box, along with two brown grocery […]

Menu Plan Monday

Another week of menu planning awesome. I have to be honest, this Menu Plan Monday is working quite splendidly for me. I love getting this menu planned early, getting it typed up, linked up, one central hub for me to refer to come grocery shopping time makes it super easy for me, and easy is […]

Menu Plan Monday

Our menu last week didn’t go by the book. Some days we had leftovers, or we had something come up that prevented us from doing that particular dinner. So some things with a “LW” on it might look a bit familiar, as I just carried them over from last week (get it? “LW” = last […]

Menu Planning Monday – My First!

You know, I menu-plan every week, but because we go grocery shopping on Tuesdays (commissary is closed mondays, and always seems out of stock on Sundays, which used to be our day to shop), we usually do it on Tuesday. And Tuesday is usually my own special brand of hell, when it rolls around, it’s […]