A Photo Recap of #Blogher10

How do you put into words memories like this? Do you see the huge grin on my daughter’s face? That’s the “I can’t wait to show all the kids at school,” “This family trip doesn’t suck,” “My mom is pretty cool for bringing me to this event” face. (Well, maybe not the last one.) Meeting […]

Teaching Children Manners

“Hey Dad, why have we not been reading the manners book lately?” My daughter asked my husband last night at dinner. Between having sleepover guests, and a party the night before, we haven’t been reading the manners book we picked up a few weeks ago, and apparently, it was very much missed by our children. […]

Quick Low-Fat Ranch Dressing by Single Serving

Sometimes, I make my low-fat ranch dressing up by the bowl-full in advance for my dipping pleasure. Other times, I don’t need nearly as much, just a tablespoon-full, and I don’t want to have to go crazy making a bowl full just for that tablespoon’s worth. The other day I experimented and I got it […]

Make Your Own Crayon Nibbles

In our pre-holiday purge, I came across eleventy-billion broken crayons, of course. I had the kids collect them all and bring them downstairs to peel. We then ran to the store, amidst our holiday shopping and bought two boxes of the cheapest crayons we could find. Dividing them up into like-colors after breaking them into […]

Chicken Pot Pie with a Biscuit Topping

If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you may have read about my “accidental dinner experiment” the other night. You see, we meant to make two traditional Chicken Pot Pies for dinner (yes, we make two to feed our family of eight). However, with only one stick of Crisco when the recipe called for […]

Mount Washmore

Ah, laundry. With six kids, it’s feels like it never ends. And with our family just getting over a stomach bug, multiply our humongous laundry pile by eleventy-billion. With the military home we live in, our water here isn’t the greatest, so it takes a bit of finesse in order to get ‘er done. How […]

Kettle Mothering Memories

Last November, my children gave me a gift that sent me back to my childhood; they gave me an old-fashioned tea kettle. It immediately spun me back twenty-some years to my childhood, reminding me of all the collections of baskets and copper my mother hung, strewn to the ceilings, decorative and plentiful. I recall hand-washing […]

Party Pooper

I had concocted this awesome brainchild of an idea to “party” to celebrate my son’s first day in Kindergarten. This entailed party hats, blowers, and a bowling/pizza family night later. It was genius, if I do say so myself. I could hardly wait to get into the car to pick him up. As soon as […]

Letting Girls Choose Their Hair Style

There’s something about taking your daughters to the salon to get their hair cut. Perhaps it’s how grown up they look, sitting in the waiting room while thumbing through magazines. Or perhaps how you secretly cry inside as they’re called, not wanting to say goodbye to a single strand of hair on their head, despite […]

Sunshine- Just What The Doctor Ordered

I have a wee bit of stress happening right now. You see, my five-year-old is supposed to be starting kindergarten. My nine-year-old has a particularly important doctor’s appointment today. School starts next week. This means this mom is a wee bit freaked, to say the least. What’s a mom of many to do in order […]