Weight Loss Progress?

I started a new workout regimen to get back into the swing of things since the holidays, and it’s KICKING MY ARSE.

I tried to put the giant bottle of peanut butter on the table earlier, after serving a spoonful to my son, and I almost couldn’t do it. I couldn’t lift and extend my arm out. HAHA! That’s how sore I am right now. Holy smokes, James’ program is no joke.

When I spoke about sore arms the other day, it wasn’t so much because of Baby V as much as it is this new workout. It’s focusing A LOT A LOT on arms, and here I am, being a complete DORK using heavy, 10lb weights to do raises and presses because I want to be a bada$$ and get fit faster. Except, the only thing it’s seemingly doing faster is killing me. Ha! Today I almost couldn’t get out of bed. I feel like an old woman, and hurty. Yikes.

I’m not sure I would call my progress a “weight loss” success, since I only just began this new workout, and the scale at the moment reads a gain and not a loss. Nonetheless, I’ll accept it because I’m hoping it’s just temporary. I figure it’s probably just water weight from my sore muscles (but I don’t know).

I haven’t done measurements since October 1st, particularly because I was doing alright (or so it seemed). I was already a great many pounds down since birth, and in November it seemed I was slimming out nicely. I was running and walking, doing yoga and the elliptical, but I knew with the holidays that would potentially change. (Couple that with being introduced to and becoming so consumed by Biscoff spread, let’s just say, my middle section started to feel jiggly and wider again. Ahem.)

Here I am, once more. I’m eating clean, this new workout, but despite feeling stronger, my eyes are deceiving me. I just don’t feel that confident about what I’m doing is going to get me to the weight I want. I feel as though I’ve lost my way a little, even though I’m committed, pushing past the “rest” days and all, so I don’t lose momentum. I’m completely and totally doubting myself, but I won’t give up. I will stay the course, I guess I could use a little support.

Here’s the pictures:

Four weeks after baby:

four weeks postpartum

Eight weeks postpartum, 12 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight:

four weeks postpartum four weeks postpartum

Thirteen weeks postpartum – down 5.7 lbs!

down 5.7 lbs

October 1st update – 11lbs lost!!

11lbs lost

November 1st, back in the 140’s

nov 2012 weight loss nov 2012 weight loss


weight update march 2013

It’s hard to believe I still have about 20 or so pounds to go until I’m back down to this:

30 day shred results

But I can do it. I know that I can, I’ve done it before. I just need a little help convincing myself that it isn’t unattainable, or so far off. Gah!

You can check out my progress on my Weight Loss Accountability page.