My Love for the Mizuno Wave Kazan #BlazeNewTrails

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Mizuno Running and Fitfluential. I’ve been a longtime lover of Mizuno, every since I had my feet professionally fitted for running shoes. The day that sales lady put those shoes on me, I felt invincible. I ripped off the labelĀ from the box and set it aside, so […]

Moms’ Night Out Movie – Parents of All Kinds MUST See

I planned this whole big “Moms’ Night Out” with my San Antonio blogging friends. We were going to view the free pre-screening of the new Moms’ Night Out movie at the Regal theatre at 7pm, but meet for drinks at the Perico’s Grill next door at 5:30. I organized this get together for Maria with […]

Adventures of the Britax B-READY and The Baby Thief

there was a family of nine who lived in Texas and loved a good adventure. One day, they received a fancy new “Rolls Royce of strollers” in the mail to review called the Britax B-READY. They were quite excited about it! After a quick and painless few minutes snapping it together quite easily, they were […]

And Then She Said “Mama”

Baby V finally said it! I’ve endured “Dada” for months, and “Nana” and “Tata” and “Gaga” but never “Mama.” And there we were, just finishing up her third feeding of the day with Target up&up baby pouches, and maybe she was licking her lips? Maybe she was maneuvering her tongue around for that last little […]

My Twelve Year Old Photographer. Look! It’s a Tree!

My oldest son had an important task this weekend. He was the camera-holder while I held Baby V and the diaper bag. He took his job quite seriously, and I could see how eager he was to use it himself. He’s always been interested in the camera, just a little itchy on his trigger finger. […]

Dear Potty Training Toddler: What The Crap? (Literally)

Oh, sweet Baby Dude. We need to have a talk. You are doing so marvelously well with going pee in the potty. You’re kind-of funny, because you are so obvious when it’s that time, because you grab your junk and go running, calling out to whomever’s around you to turn on the bathroom light. “Moooooooooooooom!” […]

Two Weeks Old & Postpartum Nesting DIY-Style

Two weeks since our baby has been born, and while each second has ticked away deliciously slow, enough for this momma to savor every scrumptious hiccup and sigh, despite the crazy poosplosions she is capable of, Baby V is simply perfect. Despite all the dress-up and baby lovin’ we’ve been enjoying these two weeks since […]

Baby Love {Pictures}

I don’t think I can quite elaborate the tired-elated-exhausted-excited-aching feeling I’m going through at the moment; chock-filled with so much emotion and contentment and the OHMYGODIHAVESEVENKIDSNOW feeling. And then, there are quiet times in which I listen to her breathe, and squeak, and squirm just a little in my arms, and I ache to stop […]

33-34 Weeks {Sonogram} Houston, We Have Feet!

Monday’s photo I had a doctor’s appointment today, and the baby proved to be sufficiently stubborn on many levels. Firstly, we found out the baby is breech. Footling breech, to be exact, with a splash of transverse for good measure. Picture the baby chillin’ inside me like this: So, the baby is not particularly playing […]

Kids Sleep Anywhere, The “Baby Dude is Everywhere” Edition

After a long, hard day of playing outside, with all that fresh air he enjoyed, he fell out early one night. Disrupting his beauty sleep enough simply changing his diaper, we lovingly put him to bed, (our king-sized bed, mind you), and he TOOK OVER. He’s the littlest one (until the new baby is born) […]