Happiness is ______ {2014-W29} #happinessis

kissy tickle face

We spent 52 weeks in 2013 celebrating what made us happy, and it WAS a fantastic year. Let’s make 2014 the year where we really truly focus on surrounding ourselves with only joy and happiness all year round, every month, every week, every day.Tell me, what makes you happy? What is it that you do [...]

The House

our house

It was 6 hours from where we once lived to the area where we were moving. Just long enough for our butts to become numb but not so long that we were antsy, thankfully. We’d nervously planned our first official weekend of house hunting with our new realtor on the east end of town. Neither [...]

Life List Item Crossed Off: Our Tea Party Send-off at Mad Hatter’s Tea


Yesterday, a few of the San Antonio bloggers came together for a “Brunch Send Off” for me and my friend Claire, as we’re both military wives and both our families are both moving away :( I became super excited when I heard our brunch would be held at the Mad Hatter Tea House - to go to a real tea house and [...]

Happiness is ______ {2014-W17} #happinessis

neighborhood cat

We spent 52 weeks in 2013 celebrating what made us happy, and it WAS a fantastic year. Let’s make 2014 the year where we really truly focus on surrounding ourselves with only joy and happiness all year round, every month, every week, every day.Tell me, what makes you happy? What is it that you do [...]

The Time We Lived at The Hampton: Our Hamptonality Story #HamptonHoliday #Giveaway

Hampton Inn and Suites Texas

The following post is sponsored by MomTrends on behalf of Hampton Hotel. I’d love to share with you a little story about a dislocated family searching for a forever home. We were traveling 6+ hours from Fort Polk, LA to San Antonio, TX every weekend, packing the car right after school let out on Friday [...]

The Story of Our First Home Purchase

first house

This post is brought to you by Genworth and Brandfluential. When the orders finally came down to leave Fort Polk, we couldn’t have been more excited. Finally, after three long years stuck in the woods, secluded from civilization, we were leaving! Hooray! I swear, my husband practically showed anyone who he came across that he [...]

How a Bed Almost Broke a Man


After spending what seemed like an eternity schlepping from furniture store to furniture store to replace the bedroom sets we had donated to a needy family before we moved, we finally had a good lead on a decently priced furniture store towards the middle of San Antonio. I giggled to myself because it’s a name [...]

Pictures of the New House, Part 1


It’s still a work in progress – we waited until the sod took root, and the plants started to smile a bit more, before we took an outdoor shot. Still so much to be done, though, but it makes me smile to see all we’ve done in almost a month so far. Here it is, [...]

Settling Into Life


As the dust begins to besmirch our newly placed furniture, and crumbs can be found on the table at any moment, it is clear that the newness of the house is beginning to wane, and it is becoming more of a home rather than a strange/new place to live that houses our belongings. My husband [...]

Closing and Opening


One week after we closed, here I am, able to get online for the first time. One week after we closed, we are almost 80% unpacked.We closed on a Tuesday, and opened the door to our new home soon thereafter.The carpets are as plush as the bathroom rugs you get at Target – so buttery [...]

The Toddler Runaway Story


After our yard sale Saturday, my daughter found the jar where we kept the loose change, rifling through it, purging it of any “excess” she felt needed liberating. She marched triumphantly inside, her baby pink purse jingling, as she took a place at our table and sat down. “Daddy? Wook at all da monies I [...]

Let the Crazy Continue…


At around 12:30, we had a knock at the door. The movers arrived a day early, fresh boxes and paper at the ready. Three hours later, bedrooms are mostly packed, and we are left with this: Stuff to not be seen until the other end of our move, when they come to deliver it, some [...]

A Letter to My Baseball Player


Dear Son, Today, you played what may have been not only your last Fort Polk baseball game, but, because we’re moving, your last sports game ever at this post. Your first up to bat you had three wrongly-called strikes, but you didn’t let it get you down. Tonight you also played catcher for the first [...]

Let the Crazy Begin…


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Indians, Army Men, Skating, and Mom Freaking Out, Oh My!


This was our last “official” unbusy weekend. That is, if you can call character dress-up, playing outside all weekend and getting together with friends to go to a birthday party “unbusy.” This upcoming weekend is my son’s 7th birthday, our big yard/moving sale, and possibly my son’s last baseball game. By the next weekend after [...]

Mom Needs a Break, Film at 11


As I’m hip-deep in flipping laundry from the washer to the dryer, while folding the retrieved dryer clothing into a basket, Baby Dude comes fumbling into the laundry room, half-gallon of milk clutched in his grasp, as he stumbles closer, unable to keep hold. “HEP!” he calls to me, to “help” him. And I do [...]



On Friday, May 6th at 12:30pm, we received word the sellers for House Pick #2 were willing to work with us. We piled into our car to drive to San Antonio (again) to make it happen. On Saturday, May 7th at 8:30am-ish, we were up, finishing breakfast, and mulling over eggs in a complete ball [...]

Upside Down and Back Again


The deal fell through. The sellers took five freakin’ days to tell us there was no way they could be out until end of June. I sort-of suspected as much. They fought us on even showing the house to begin with, I could tell from their cold, steely responses to my realtor that they may [...]

The Waiting Game (and The House We Chose)


Now that we’ve gone house-hunting, and confirmed for ourselves that there is indeed a perfect house for us, we put in an offer. Gulp. That, itself, is scary enough (and if we’re friends on Facebook, you’ll know first-hand the freak-out I’m currently experiencing). It’s unfortunate, though, that the sellers have hired a realtor who doesn’t [...]

Nervous. Overwhelmed. Excited. Hold me.


Hubby’s creepy smile about receiving orders Today we’re going to pile all eleventy-kajillion of our kids in the car to begin an adventure to our soon-to-be new hometown of San Antonio, TX. Six hours and many gray-hairs later, we will meet our USAA-approved realtor for the first time, a lovely woman with eleventy-kajillion kids herself, and [...]

Case of the What Ifs and The Story of The Box


I have an empty box in my hallway. Each day I pass it, knowing it sits there for one purpose – to collect old things to give away. However, that box has sat empty for some time, and serves as a reminder of what it is I need to do, but I just never seemingly [...]

13 Reasons We Need to Move


These are my thirteen reasons we want to apply to move into the newer five-bedroom military housing that they’re building here on post. (Ha, as if there were only thirteen reasons to get out of this house!) Tell me what you think.. will they approve our request? 13. Air-conditioning. There’s a gigantic cylinder-type thing that [...]

My Husband is Blinded by the Light that is DirecTV


Ah yes, DirecTV, in all it’s NFL Sunday Ticket glory, something he’s coveted for some time now, being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, but always living in areas in which not all the games aired. Well, with DirecTV, now he’ll get to see every televised game. But who’s at home waiting for the install guy to [...]

Internets, Oh How I Have Missed Thee!


It’s good to be back in the land of the internet. Had to purchase a wireless PCI card to install into the back of my desktop, though, because the room my computer is in didn’t have a phone jack for the DSL. No matter, it’s lightning fast regardless (yippee AT&T!) By the way, bowling at [...]

*Notes to self*


*When the packers say “don’t worry, we won’t pack your vacuum ma’am”, ensure they also mean all parts to the vacuum, including the part that makes it a vacuum and the part that makes it a shampooer (the one on the left).*Vacuuming a carpet with a Dustbuster and the hose attached to your Kirby, as [...]

Movers come later this morning


Wanted to let everyone know I’ll be offline for a bit until we get our stuff delivered

Kidlet Summer Fun


My 18 month old (as of tomorrow), while throwing a fit because my husband had to run out this morning, turned and punched me in the eye, propelling my contact at warp speed out of my eye, luckily into my hand. She is such a ball of energy, smiling ear to ear. While not very [...]