30 Weeks: The “I Love Maternity Clothes” Edition

by Lisa Douglas

Yeah. I just said “I love maternity clothes.” Clothes that actually fit over my (growing) belly and don’t make me look like a hick with a beer gut. Amiright?

And, what’s even cooler? I have some cutesy ones, too. (Clothes, not hicks with beer guts.) Woo! *high fives self*

I’m particularly proud of these belly shots because I get to show off some really awesome and cute jewelry pieces (and Christmas gifts) I received from hubs. Yay!

I am definitely feeling massively pregnant, and yet, I still have ten weeks to go! Holy crap! I’m still overdoing things, I’m sure, but I have eleventy-billion kids, I’m Italian, I simply don’t know how to slow down! You know?

These next ten weeks are going to be challenging, though. Balance has been a tough thing to accomplish (hence the new “balance” bracelet” on my wrist) so we’ll see how the start to 2012 and the end of this pregnancy goes.

Baby bump progression thus far:

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