Today, He’s Ten

tree sitting

I don’t know how we got here. To double-digits, just like that. I blinked, and my curly-haired, sweet-faced, wide-eyed boy suddenly is ten.

I scoured every memory card, online album, and blog post for images of him over the last decade. Ten years of raising my sweet boy. (TEN, OMG!!)

His hospital picture.
Hospital Pic

At an Army wives event when he was still so small.
Baby and Momma

My nudeykins.

Sleepy in his bouncy chair.

Busted. The original laundry destroyers.
mommys laundry

My big smiley boy on the swings.
Happy on the swings

Christmas in Florida visiting my parents.
2004 Christmas

Happy colorer crayon dumper.

Being sweet with his baby sister.
new baby sister

The merry go round in Busch Gardens.
merry go round at Busch Gardens

Can you STAND the adorableness here?

He loved his sweet baby sister.
laying with baby

Babywearing while on vacation.
babywearing with daddy

Universal Studios, baby!
being tough with Cyclone

His first ever day of school.
first day of school

Swinging bros.


Dress up as a cowboy day.
cowboy day

Halloween Ninja.

At an Army Veteran’s Day event on post, sitting on a tank.
army life with kids

Pouting over something adorable.


Celebrating his birthday in school (and not necessarily liking it).
Birthday in school

Shooting an air gun and making hair friends.
air gun shooting

Attending a fashion show in NYC for BlogHer 2010 and becoming a model himself.
Blogher 2010

Visiting Washington DC
Washington DC

His school performance.
school performance

Disney Social Media Moms trip 2011 Disney
Disney 2011

Adventures in Disney with friends (this is Katja‘s son here)
Disney 2011 with friends

Having fun in our neighborhood pool.
play at the pool

His birthday gift – a handmade superhero costume (made by me)
handmade superhero costume

Flying on our trampoline.
super son

Chief Sitting Bull (dress up day at school)
sitting bull

Riding bikes with his older brother.
bikes with brother

Dressing up (fancy!)
dress up

My goobers horsing around outside.
horsing around

One of the (many) guilty laundry parties.
guilty laundry

Another new baby sister!
new baby sister

School is hard, man.
school is hard

Seaworld fun!
seaworld fun

Getting adult teeth!

Summer fun!
water bucket fun

First day of school 2012.
first day of school 2012

Birthday crowns.
birthday crown

Sharing snacks gets ya hugs.
sharing snacks and getting hugs

Fighting over yummy yogurt shakes.

New fall portraits by me.
new fall picture

Channeling his inner Karate Kid.
channeling Karate Kid

Ninja Warrior in training.
ninja warrior in training

Dressing up as Brother Bear for school.
brother bear

Soccer games.
soccer game

His last fall soccer game 2013.
last fall game

Riding his new gift at Christmas.
new 360

Mother’s Day 2014
mother's day 2014Ten years. Gosh! Some of it seems like yesterday, yet some of it I’d almost forgotten about… almost.

Five years ago, I was struggling on letting you go to school for the first time. But here you are, a few years later, about ready to begin the fifth grade. FIFTH GRADE! GAH!

Happy Tenth Birthday to my super hero son. Double digits, dude, can you believe it? I love you, my big, double-digit dude. So so much.